Command line options

Table 3.1. Command line Options

Short optionLong optionFunction
-x destination_path archive--extract-to=destination_path archiveExtract archive to the directory specified by destination_path and quits.
-e archive--extract=archiveExtract archive by asking the destination directory and quits.
-m file1 file2 file3 ... fileN--multi-extract=file1 file2 file3 ... fileNOpen the Multi-Extract dialog to extract the given files. Shell wildcards such as * are allowed.
-d file1 file2 file3 ... fileN--add-to=file1 file2 file3 ... fileNAdd the given files by asking the name of the archive and quits. If archive doesn't exist it is created. The filenames must be separated by spaces.
-a archive--add=archiveAdd files to archive by asking their filenames and quits.
-?--helpShow help information and quits.

Xarchiver supports also all generic GTK options, a list is available on the help screen.