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As nearly every other Open Source Project, Xarchiver depends on various contributions from the community. There are several ways to contribute to Xarchiver, as described below.


If you are a programmer or software developer, this might be the best way for you to help Xarchiver. The archive loading speed should be improved especially with large archives. This should be done in the source file archive.c in the function xa_set_archive_entries_for_each_row() that is the part of code that splits the line of output received from the archiver according to its subsirectories. Also you could give a look to the sf.net's bug tracking page.


Xarchiver is already available in a lot of languages, but even more languages are missing from the list. The documentation is only available in English language. So if you are good at translating software to new languages or improving existing translations, feel free to send an email to me.


Do you like Xarchiver? Show your appreciation with a donation, thank you. Also I will add your name and your website in this page.

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